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Sustain quality. Foster authenticity. Provoke vibrancy.

“The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister is a legendary fable and wholesome model for life and business—a crucial read if you're unfamiliar. Have it read aloud to you here

All Rainbow Fish goods are selectively sourced from past owners, estate sales, charity shops, or are simply "found" by matter of fate—each distinguished by notable quality, character and design. All items are then restored, embellished, and invited to another, perhaps more vibrant chapter of life.

More new things will not bring you or anyone else true happiness. Rainbow Fish is all about redistribution, quality over quantity, and intrinsic value.

The fashion industry alone is responsible for over 10% of all carbon emissions, is the second largest consumer of the entire global water supply, heavily contributes to pollution and toxic waste, and facilitates the exploitation of labor for mass production and profit. 

Coral reefs are worth 3.4 billion dollars in part of jobs, food, storm protection, medicine, and more. 

1/4 of all marine species inhabit coral reefs as one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. Unfortunately over 1/3 of all corals are currently and rapidly dying off in part of our impact on the environment—this has large and detrimental implications for everyone. 

We are only as good as the nature of our environment. 3% of profits are additionally donated directly to coral regeneration. 

Go Fish

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